Hillary: Let the Jews Eat Iranian Ka-Ka While We Dine On Caviar and Wine

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While Israel is busy passing out gas masks and re-sealing their bomb shelters, as the feckless IAEA releases more statements about their meetings with Iran saying they need time for more meetings, Bibi's government claims Israel is discussing Red Lines with the U.S., all while "U.S. ‘Not Setting Deadlines’ for Iran, Clinton Says"

So whats the real important news coming from the Clinton-For-President 2016 Secretary of Satan's (sic) office today?

...US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has signed up 80 celebrity chefs from across the nation to cook special themed-menus for foreign dignitaries in an attempt to influence diplomatic relations, the Daily Mail reported... 
"The new Diplomatic Culinary Partnership is part of Clinton's philosophy of using 'every diplomatic tool at our disposal," US Chief of Protocol Capricia Penavic Marshall was quoted as saying by the paper.
"By incorporating elements of our visitor's culture, we can demonstrate respect and a desire to connect and engage," explained Marshal..."Even if we don't understand what we're saying across the table from each other, we understand how happy we are when we're sitting down together," he said. 
While we'd like to reach way back and tie this to the "I don't bake cookies" kerfluffle when Hillary was First Lady, and her main duties included swapping spit with Suha Arafat 

while silently listening to her blood libels against Jews, we think this alimentary announcement is really Hillary-Abedin diplo-code for a mash-note to Putin:  
"Dear Vladimir: If you think Obama could promise being more flexible with you after he's re-elected, if you will donate now to my campaign for 2016, I will have my chefs cook some blini for you, and I can guarantee that America will forever kiss your ass."

Cue The Turtle's "Happy Together"...

HRC: "Vlad, I heard you stole earned almost 
Care to have a real friend in the White House?"

Putin: "As long as you stay out of my way while 
I help the Iranians nuke Israel, no problem!"

HRC: "Screw the Jews? You've got a deal!"

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