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Parents of "useless" Arab homicide bomber complain he wasn't prepped well enough to kill any Jews (he only blew himself up...).

Parents of dead 17 year-old criticize only the poor planning that led to son's suicide death. By Itamar Marcus

17-year-old Iyad al Masri died last week when the suicide bomb strapped to his body exploded prematurely killing only himself. His family this week expressed outrage and demanded an investigation, not of the decision to recruit a 17 year old boy for a suicide operation, but of the poor planning that left "no chance of success.î They complained that he was sent during a time of curfew on the city and their son had no experience leaving the city during a curfew "which made it impossible for him to reach his target." They further complained about the "exploitation of the anger" of their son in recruiting him following his brother's recent "Martyrdom," however, no criticism is expressed of the act of recruiting of their son, a 17-year-old, for a suicide terror mission, had it been planned properly and succeeded in killing Israelis, as well.

Read the full article and translation of Arab family's "complaints" here at Palestinian Media Watch.

(* "Man plans and G-d laughs...")

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