Who would the terrorists vote for? Dean dresses for "success" with a keffiyeh.

This photo of Dean wearing the Arafatian headguard around his neck is apparently was originally available here via the Associated Press, but as of Tuesday, February 24, 2004 (if not earlier)the link is occassionally showing a "404: file not found:

The picture also ran on the front page of today's the January 21, 2004 hardcopy edition of The NY Sun.

EYECATCHING SCARF Governor Dean greets supporters after the Iowa caucuses wearing what appears to be a keffiyeh, the traditional Arab headress worn by Palestinian Arabs. A spokesman for the Dean campaign said it had 'nothing to do with' Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. 'It's just a scarf someone gave him,' spokesman Matthew Gardener said.
As another supporter of America and Israel in the war against terrorism has aptly pointed out: "So if someone gives him sheets and a pointed hat, he would wear that too?"

Dean, who is not only fighting for the White House but also battling the Clintons for control of the "soul" (read financial control) of the Democrat Party, obviously feels he needs to show greater "terror-love" than Hillary and Bill Clinton and other Democrats:

Before the Dean picture disappears from the net, JewPoint humbly suggests that readers grab it for postcards for "friends" this November...

EDITOR'S POSTSCRIPT: The un-retouched picture at the top of this article is now being served from our server. The original (same) picture was being served at the AP link above but is now showing an intermittent 404: File not found.

Even more interesting is that American Digest captions the same picture with:

Democratic presidential hopeful former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (news - web sites) accepts a victory shawl from, and the endorsement
of, the Permanent Palestinian Mission to the United Nations during his caucus night party in West Des Moines, Iowa, Monday, Jan. 19, 2004. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
While noting that "Paul Sancya" is a highly credited photographer, and of course hoping against hope that the PLO actually and publicly endorsed Dean (though he would have made a much more amusing opponent for Pres. Bush this fall), your humble editor awaits a reply from American Digest and/or AP confirming this caption.

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