Help Israel by SHOPPING! (A stronger Israeli economy means less reliance on U.S. aid and EU trade Roadmap blackmail).

"Helping Israel From Abroad," originally published at Israel National News 17:48 Jan 15, '04 / 21 Tevet 5764
Merely by changing spending habits, Jewish families living abroad can inject some 7 billion shekels a year into the Israeli economy - for a net gain of 20,000 new jobs. How? By making sure to spend only $50 each month on Israeli products.

The Jewish Agency, the World Zionist Organization, and the White and Blue Mission of the Israeli Manufacturers Association have begun a joint campaign to promote the purchase of Israeli goods abroad. Arutz-7's Hagit Rotenberg reports that the $50-a-month shift could lead to a 3% increase in Israel's industrial sales. Purposeful spending of this nature, it is thought, could also lead to greater solidarity and identification with the Jewish state.

Israeli-made products can be found on these sites (clicking any of the links will open a new page):

  • Hot Sites - Shopping - Israel.

  • Buy Blue And White!

  • Shop at The Arutz Sheva Mall.

  • Arutz Sheva's Jewish Universe

  • Not in the above article, but here are two of JewPoint's favorite Israeli shopping sites:

  • You can encourage Olim when you send SHALACH MANOS to friends and relatives in the U.S., Canada and Israel via Shalachmanot.com

  • Gifts For All Times: Kosher Chocolate, wine, gift baskets, bentchers and more from Olim in Israel.

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