Haaretz wins Neville Chamberlain award for the week:

Inserts Gush Shalom / Jews-On-Their-Knees / Peace Now Appeasement ad in an article bemoaning Israeli team sliced by whining Jordanians.

How smart of Lo Eretz to place the Gush Shalom ad in the middle of this story;

The Israeli fencing team will not be allowed to participate in the world fencing championship to take place in Aqaba in two days, the head of the Jordanian fencing association has told his Israeli counterpart. "If the Israelis take part in the championship, Arab teams will not come to Aqaba," he said.

No Jew at Lo Eretz has the temerity to suggest that the Israeli team show up and LET THE ARABS DEFAULT by not appearing.

But here is where the Lo Eretz appeasers work their magic: they put Gush's ad in the right part of the story, to show how Israel's chances to even participate in the Olympics are jeopardized because...

If Israel is not allowed to participate in the world championship, the chances of Israel's two senior fencers, Tomer Or and Ayelet Ohayon, of reaching the 2004 Olympics in Athens will be jeopardized... Over the past few days, Jordan has severely criticized Israeli actions in the territories, especially the continued construction of the separation fence.

Personally, I think the Jordanians are cowards. I also think this issue of "fencing" is perfect timing, to remind them that JORDAN is "palestine"... click here to pass the message on to the Jordanians to take back their arab brothers from Yesha, and tell the Jewish appeasers how you feel at feedback@haaretz.co.il

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