Isn't there one person at Rutgers who is embarrassed?

Embarrassed (if only for their friends, alumni and their donors!) that a propaganda film for Hamas and the "Martyr's Brigade" is being shown at Rutgers this Friday?

Isn't there one person at Rutgers who is revolted by the constant bombardment of the pro-terrorist and stalinist propaganda emanating from Rutgers and being produced under Rutger's name?

Isn't there one person with guts and honor at Rutgers who will publish a denunciation of this film, this Bin Ladenesque propaganda for terrorists?

If you are or know one such person at Rutgers, please forward the following article and link with the truth about Jenin, and the truth about the propaganda from those who cheered on 9/11.

If you ignore it, the pro-homicide bombing terrorist-organizers on the Rutgers campus get a free pass.

PS - Ask the President of Rutgers if he would tolerate the lies and slander of a film like this on his campus if it was the KKK demanding "freedom of speech;" if it was David Duke urging that black children be blown up on buses, and that a black nation be "divested" from, and wiped off the face of the earth. Or is it only terrorists who want to kill Americans and Israelis who are so favored by President McCormick's equanimity ?

Richard McCormick
President, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
Telephone: 732/932-7454
Fax: 732/932-8060
Email: president@rutgers.edu

The PLO Propaganda Film "Jenin, Jenin"

Frontpagemag ^ | Feb 20, 04 | Lee Kaplan

From San Francisco State to Columbia University, "Palestinian film festivals" are becoming one of the major propaganda venues for those seeking to dismantle Israel.[1]

The most widely seen of these films is "Jenin, Jenin," shot by an Israeli-Arab actor named Mohammed Bakri. "Jenin, Jenin" purports to be a documentary on the aftermath of the Jenin battle between the Israel Defense Forces and PLO terrorists that took place in `Jenin in 2002. The film has become standard fare at such screenings.

There's one major problem: the film is a fraud.

Read the rest of this excellent and concise expose of terrorist propaganda

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