A Vicious, Anti-Semitic Film

Produced by Syria, not Mel Gibson.

By Joel C. Rosenberg / February 25, 2004

Israeli Cabinet Minister Natan Sharansky went to Berlin in January to show German, French and
other European officials excerpts of a vicious, anti-Semitic film.

With all the media attacks on Mel Gibson and his new film, you might think Sharansky showed excerpts of The Passion of the Christ. He did not. Sharansky, for whom I briefly worked in 2000, wanted European officials to see a real anti-Semitic film. So he showed them excerpts of Al-Shatat ("The Diaspora"), a $5.1 million, 30-part "mini-series" produced by Syrian television. It was broadcast during Ramadan last year by Al-Mansar, Hezbollah's satellite television network. The film is "a Syrian TV series recording the criminal history of Zionism," according to a November 11, 2003 report in the Syria Times.

Episode Twenty of Al-Shatat ó which aired last November ó depicts a classic anti-Semitic blood libel. A Rabbi, played by an Arab actor, directs a member of his synagogue to help him:

1) kidnap the son of his Christian neighbor;
2) bring the boy to the synagogue;
3) slit the boy's throat;
4) drain the boy's blood into a basin;
5) use the blood to make Passover matzoh bread;
6) serve the matzoh to the members of the synagogue.

See the video here; Click here to read the rest of this article.

So where's Abe Foxman? 30 million American Christians are going to se Gibson's film, and 99% of them are coming out in tears. And after they get home, they are calling the WH to tell the president to support Israel.

Meanwhile a gazillion muslims see this Syrian crap and blow us up on a daily basis.

Watch the Syrian movie and tell me again Mel Gibson is the problem...

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