No muslims + no leftists = NO TERROR.

[MK] Elon responded with anger: "I know one outrageous alliance - that of leftist atheists, extremist civil-rights advocates, who walk hand-in-hand with extremist Moslem murderers in Hyde Park demonstrations and elsewhere around the world, and demonstrate against America and against Israel! This is the outrageous coalition that I know of! [interruption by MK Yossi Sarid] The extreme left-wing that exudes poison, that gives ammunition [to Israel's enemies], just like that display in Sweden [equating a woman Palestinian terrorist, depicted as Snow White, with her Israeli victims] made by an Israeli-Swede who would certainly have voted for you, MK Sarid, or one of the other [left-wing or Arab] parties here. You are the ones who nurture the current anti-Semitism, because the current anti-Semitism is led by the most extreme Islamists...

Tourism Minister Benny Elon said
that his alliance with Bible-believing
and Israeli-supporting Christians is
praiseworthy - as opposed to that
between Moslem murderers and
extreme left-wing atheists.

"Therefore, those extremists, those who continue to fight the wars of the past - who think that anti-Semitism will appear only as it has in the past, on the background of Wagner's music, MK Sarid, and only on a Christian background: Allow me to inform you that today, the place where the Protocols of the Elders of Zion [is being disseminated] and where it is the biggest best-seller, is not on any street in Europe, and not on any street in America. Today, the place where classic anti-Semitic claims are made is here, the geographic center of the People of Israel! The center of hatred for Israel is here! A large Jewish ghetto surrounded by hatred for Israel is right here!

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