Israeli News Network: Hamas Using Phosphorous In Latest Rocket Attacks In Western Negev

IDF experts who examined some of the mortar shells fired at Israeli communities on Wednesday found that the explosives used contained phosphorous. The finding shows that Hamas has gained more advanced weapons technology, they said.

Phosphorous would make any wounds resulting from a terrorist rocket attack more severe, as the substance burns on impact and can cause serious injury or death. It is forbidden for use as a weapon in civilian areas by international law.

Gaza terrorists fired one rocket and nine mortar shells at Israeli civilian communities in the western Negev on Wednesday. Senior Hamas terrorist Ahmed Jabri released a statement calling to continue the attacks “until victory.” (Rest at link above).
Meanwhile, U.S. Ambassador to Palestine Hillary Clinton and President Barack Hussein Øbama are silent on the subject, saving their breath to condemn any Jew who needs to build a home ON JEWISH LAND.

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