Hillary Clinton's Holy War: Why is She Squeezing Israel?

HRC: "Inshallah, Barack, there's aren't 
ten Democrats who care how we're slicing up Israel."

Hillary Clinton doesn't want you to read this page. And she definitely doesn't want you to bookmark it for 2012, or send the links to your family, friends or associates.


Because right now Hillary Clinton is busy running around trying to arm-twist Israel into ignoring 500 rocket attacks since January 2009. Rocket attacks that now include phosphorous in their warheads.

And she is ignoring (and hoping we'll ignore) that Abbas has said virtually nothing about them (well, why should he, he can't do anything about them if he wanted to, and his best friend Barack Hussein Obama isn't talking about them either).

Meanwhile, Hillary, George "I know Lebanon!" Mitchell and Obama keep pressuring Bibi to continue the freeze on new Jewish homes, all for their new best Arab friend, Mohammed Mentum.  (Mo' Mentum, for short).

Phosphorous rockets and Mo' Mentum aside, as far as Hillary is concerned, the Arabs simply need Judenrein Lebensraum, and the greedy Jews should just settle for the pre-1967 Auschwitz borders.

But why is Hillary in such a rush, and why is she so intent on cutting up Israel now?

Because she wants to leave the State Department and be ready to run in 2012.

And what better way for Hillary to grab back the (sadly) few Jewish Democrat voters Obama has lost with his Submission Accomplished - kiss-up to the muslims than by being able to crow "Look, I made pieces of dead Jews, I mean I made peace in the mideast, even my stupid husband couldn't do it!"

One little problem. Even with (or dare we say with the assistance of?) the hundreds of millions of our tax dollars that she and Obama have spent creating a full-blown, solely-Arabic-focused embassy in "Palestinian" Jeruslaem, and for all her "work" as a Senator to "end incitement", everyone in Israel (and every American who reads the internet and watches the brief video excerpt below) now knows that
"The Palestinian Authority has publicly labeled Jewish worship at the Western Wall to be “sin and filth” in a television program broadcast in Arabic on Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year.
The documentary was broadcast in Arabic on Fatah's PA TV, run by the faction headed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and it was translated by the PA media watchdog organization, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) 

The brief excerpt above is simply another example (added to the hundreds of sermons recorded at mosques calling Jews "monkeys and pigs") and a reminder that IT IS A RELIGIOUS WAR.

It IS about Islam trying to destroy Judaism. It's not "just about land", or the "so-called poor oppressed Arabs", it's a Holy War.

Say it, don't be afraid of anyone hearing you:


it's a "Holy War" the same way most of the MSM says "the holy koran", or "holy ramadan". IT'S THE HOLY ISLAMIC WAR ON NON-MUSLIMS that has been going on for 13 centuries.

Bottom line, according to the muslims (and their lame-stream-media shills angling for their jihad passes), if you racist infidels ain't muslim, YOU AIN'T HOLY.

While we're on it, "Holy War" explains where we get that lovely canard "Islam means peace."

"Islam" in the "holy" arabic really translates as "submission". But you keep hearing "peace" because according to their holy koran, REAL peace will come only when the whole world submits to Islam.

Which brings us back to Hillary and why she's rushing to make Israel submit to a peace process.

Hillary knows that having Americans grumble about Holy War doesn't fit in her current narrative, nor in her post-State department political plans.

Hillary doesn't want you to bookmark or forward the links to this page and to that video, because she needs to keep fooling Jewish (and all) voters in the same way that she and her husband did years ago.
What a crass world this has become. At least back then, she and Bill sent us a card when they scr*wed us.

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