Islam Means Peace, & If You Disagree We'll Kill You

TN mosque opposition spawns death threats
"A greater Nashville resident and outspoken opponent of the construction of a Murfreesboro mega-mosque in Tennessee has received two death threats after an appearance on the comedy program The Daily Show.

Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder and president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, is a staunch pro-Israel supporter. She says she received two threatening phone calls after appearing on the popular comedy cable program and expressing opposition to the mosque's proposed expansion.

"[The caller said] 'Allahu akbar' [Arabic for 'god is great'] -- and he said, 'We are coming after you. You cannot stop us," she explains.
Nothing to see here folks, just another Israel–supporting Christian speaking out against a mosque and getting threatened with death.

She must be a bigot...

Meanwhile, "progressive" (aka socialist) "Jews" LOOOOOVVVVE the mosque, as this very interesting NYC blog reveals in accurate detail:
"The other rally, supporting Park51, was organized by a coalition of anti-war and socialist groups, but drew unaffiliated individuals and some Muslims as well...

...Mike Bloomberg is in good company indeed-and the rally in support of the GZM today was more of the same, with the knee jerk left wing crank Arthur Waskow right in the forefront of the action: "A group of Jewish activists and community leaders voiced their support for a planned mosque near ground zero and said opponents, including the nation's leading Jewish civil rights group, are perpetuating misunderstandings about Islam. 
Rabbi Arthur Waskow, of the Philadelphia-based Shalom Center, joined about 30 other religious leaders and Jewish activists Thursday at the spot where the Cordoba Initiative hopes to build an Islamic center that will include a mosque, an athletic center, a culinary school and art studios. Waskow says the mosque will help people learn more about Islam."
Wow, we almost forgot how important it is to "learn more about Islam" from a a BooJoo Rabbi...

Sunni suicide bombers targeting Shia pilgrims in Pakistan during Islam's holiest month helped make this a Ramadan to remember.

"In all, the Religion of Peace racked up over a thousand dead bodies across twenty-two countries!"

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