Pigs Are Flying As We Agree With A Saudi Prince (Al-Waleed Opposes 'Ground Zero Mosque')

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While I doubt that our agreement will get me a Jihad Pass (and since he's a Saudi we can't be sure that there isn't some double-dealing motive behind this), Israel National News does report that
Saudi Arabia's Prince Al-Waleed announced Thursday that he is not behind the “Ground Zero Mosque” in New York City, and on the contrary, he does not support the project in its current location. The prince spoke to the Arabian Business news website.
Al-Waleed, the much decried Fox News investor, also almost admits that [Fox News host] Greg Gutfield's "plan" to open a muslim-themed gay bar next door to the proposed mosque could also be a problem (be sure and check some of the suggested names for the bar in the "comments" here):

"The mosque has to be in a dignified location. It can't be next to a bar or strip club, or in a neighborhood that is not refined and good,” he explained.
Indeed there is a strip club already on the block, but maybe the "Prince" is more concerned with appearances, now that news of a conviction for a same-sex murder by a member of the so-called "Saudi Royal" family is displacing the typical muslim murder and mayhem that we find in the news every day...

You know what they say:

Quotation, quotation, quotation...

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