Palin Post-Election Video / Conservative Recount Alert! — GOOD CANDIDATE NEEDS HELP W/ RECOUNT.

Hat-tip to Gateway Pundit.

This is a good, up-beat video celebrating last Tuesday's victories and reminding us to stay prepared for the next 2 years.

It's especially invigorating if you're from New York or California where you had to suffer voting (and living) in an overwhelmingly Øbamunist state, where most of your candidates were overwhelmed by unions and other brainwashed voters who reflexively pull for "D".

And yes, we have to answer back to the rinos and "moderates" who now "justify" their failure to endorse Angle and O'Donnell which led to their defeats.

But more important today is an ongoing re-count in a vital Congressional race in North Carolina.

Renee Ellmers is a principled conservative, a housewife and a mother (and a surgical IC nurse ) who took on the obnoxious and Øbama-agenda-voting Democrat, Bob Etheridge.

On Election night, she was poised to defeat him and add to the Republican (and Tea Party-inspired) majority in Congress, and now the local Democrat machine is fighting back and forcing a recount.

Election night, after the ten counties in my district had reported their votes, I led Bob Etheridge by 2,100 votes. (That number is crucial because under North Carolina law Congressman Etheridge is not entitled to an ‘automatic recount’ if he trails by more than 1% – or 1,888 votes.)

Then, yesterday afternoon – unexpectedly – the vote totals changed. The State Board of Elections reported my lead had dropped to 1,600 votes. Two hours later Bob Etheridge announced he intended to call for a recount.

As a result, last night my campaign began hiring attorneys – eleven attorneys in all. One in each county to monitor each recount and an attorney to work with the North Carolina State Board of Elections.

Right now, our best estimate of the minimum cost we face is $50,000. But, of course, my campaign spent every penny we had before the election.

Yesterday, we appealed to the National Republican Congressional Committee for support, asking if they could contribute to help pay the costs of this recount. Their answer, unfortunately, was, No – that we would have to raise the money to pay for the recount ourselves.

Read more on this situation by clicking here.

I am out of work and I just contributed, and I urge you to do the same. This is not just about a North Carolina seat. Renee Ellmers understands the issues that affect the entire country:
My opponent Bob Etheridge voted to close Gitmo. I believe that was a mistake. I also support trying terrorists in military courts – instead of putting them on trial in New York City.
and then please click here to donate to her recount fund, and please pass this article on.

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