Voting With Some Jewpoint

Every vote for a Democrat is a vote for Obama's policies.

And a vote for Obama's policies is a vote for more of the continued destruction of America (and of Israel).

If you want higher taxes, more unemployment, more foreclosures, more appeasement of jihad, including Obama trying to cut Jerusalem in half and promoting a "9/11 victory mosque" at Ground Zero,

Then go ahead and vote for the

New Yorkers: Watch this 30 second video:
How Andy Cuomo Ignited The Mortgage Meltdown:


"Albany Insider Cuomo" Won't Clean Up Albany"

New Yorkers: Vote Paladino.
(He's not CuomObama).

ALSO FOR NEW YORK VOTERS: Look carefully at your ballot before filling it in. The original instructions printed on the ballot ARE INCORRECT.
Here are the correct instructions:

To ensure that all voters are comfortable and confident using the new voting system, the Board of Elections in the City of New York is placing in every privacy booth at all poll sites, instructions that inform voters that they need to fill in the oval below the candidate name they wish to vote for.
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