"BROTHER, CAN YOU SPARE A WHINE?" Dems Playing Race Card

Even now that Trent Lott has resigned and Bill Frist is the new Senate Majority Leader, the Democrats drill away,like maniacal dentists, spinning and whining endlessly:

"... Republicans are disingenuous with their claims to be "the original party of Lincoln.""

Why? According to some, even though the Republican Party out-supported and out-voted the Democrats on the 1964 Civil rights act, some Republican leaders went to the South and picked up disaffected states-rights-white-southerners to help their national campaigns.

How convenient to ignore that then Gov. Reagan had already been touting "States Rights" in Western states to stave off Federal land-grabs; how convenient to ignore the fact that the NAACP had to sue then Gov. Bill Clinton in the late 1980s for refusing to enforce the Voting Rights Act in Arkansas.

You can almost hear how Clinton's gears were grinding; "hey, let ME pander to those disaffected states-rights-white-southerners, otherwise the white vote might stay home or vote third party! And hey, whaddayaknow, Black Americans will vote Democratic even though it was mostly Democrats WHO VOTED AGAINST the Civil rights act!"

Sound familiar? Just like the majority of naive American Jews who still vote Democratic, even though we now know that Roosevelt refused to bomb the train tracks leading to the camps, and even though the majority of today's Democratic party is so "palistinianized" they would vote to dismantle Israel if they thought they could get some more of that Arab money that went to Cynthia ("the Jews did me in") Mckinney.

So who is really being disingenuous? Republicans, or Democrats? I mean, I mean, I mean, Bill Clinton, he said just the other day that Republicans are racists.

And Bill Clinton should know.


Bill Clinton, America's first "black" President (actually "beige," according to Sharpton), honored J. William Fulbright with much more effusive praise than Lott ever showered on Strom Thurmond.

So what? Who's J. William Fulbright and why should we care?

Here's a very brief history lesson: Democratic Senator J. William Fulbright was a complete and committed segregationist who signed the Southern Manifesto, declaring his COMPLETE AND TOTAL opposition to Brown v. Board of Education, the U.S. Supreme Courts' landmark school desegregation decision.

In other words, Clinton gave the Medal of Freedom to and put up a statue honoring a man who preferred that Black children didn't get an education!



Oh, but that was then, and this is now.

And who is going to help the Black community now? Republicans who are in alignment with the majority of religious African-Americans on faith-based social services and school choice, or Democrats, who trample on religion, and who never saw a "public" school that was failing inner-city kids that they didn't want to keep wasting money on (but certainly wouldn't send their kids to... Does Sharpton even send his kids to public school? We know that Bill and Hillary certainly didn't send Chelsea to public school... )

Who loves ya, baby? Republicans who stand for free-enterprise, cutting taxes on ALL small businesses so that they can employ more African Americans, and so that African Americans can CREATE more businesses AND keep their profits in their families when they pass on, or Democrats, who want to keep multi-generations hooked on the welfare teat.

Race-baiting Democrats like Jackson and Sharpton and (and faux-black pols like Pelosi and Daschle and Clinton) are obviously what Booker T. Washington had in mind in 1911 when he wrote:

"There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs. There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who do not want the patient to get well."

Lott may have been a moron in front of a microphone, and he even may have been a closet racist decades ago. You want to cut him open after the lynching and look inside his heart?

Oh my, did I use the "L" word insensitively?

When the Black community and the Democratic party repudiates Al Sharpton for inciting arson and murder by screaming "Diamond Merchants " and "White Interlopers," when the Black community and the Democratic party repudiates Jesse "Lover boy" Jackson for "Hymietown" and spitting in white folks food, when the Black community and the Democratic party repudiates Robert Byrd for being in the KKK, and when the Black community and the Democratic party repudiates Clinton for honoring Fulbright the segregationist, when that happens, I'll do a mea culpa on the "L" word.

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