ROPMA* alert from the Dec 26, 2002 Richmond Times Dispatch:

Jerry Falwell recently popped off about Islam. His comments about Mohammed were not complimentary. His point apparently was that the connection between Islam and terrorism was not mere coincidence.

The statements provoked outrage - and at least one riot. In India, Muslims upset by Falwell's verbiage took to the streets. Nine died in the melee. Iran responded on cue. Leaders there issued a fatwa calling for Falwell's death. A religious adviser to Ayatollah Khamenei said, "The death of [Falwell] is a religious duty."

Here's the equation: It's an insult to equate Islam with violence and terror. Individuals who make such comparisons deserve to die.

Regarding the death threat, National Review wryly says: "What an odd way of objecting to the assertion that Islam is violent: to go out and kill."

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